Monday, August 22, 2016

ANOTHER MORNING OF......................

 Monday morning in damp
 San Francisco with dreary
 look on coming day. Did
 play late pick 4 at Saratoga
 and made small win. Have to
 wait for Wednesday for more.
 In interview with The Donald
 CBS "newsman" asked direct
 question on immigration policy.
 "Isn't it 'impractical" to round up
 ten million illegals?" That was
 exact defense of "the banks that
 robbed a generation of a future."
 "To open up "THE BUNDLES"
 Other great defenses by those who
 are true knuckleheads is "I did not
 wake up this morning, have breakfast
 and "INTEND" to break any laws."
 Wild Bill Clinton used it! Much better
 than Lewinsky made me do it!"
 Pants Suit Hilary did not "intend" to
 break law by using illegal e-mail!
 Robert Chambers did not get up that
 morning with "intention" of strangling
 girlfriend to death but only to enhance 
 sexual pleasure. So far one innocent,
 one guilty and one waiting for next shoe
 to fall............

   Barry McChangky           *>:) devil          QUACK! 


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