Tuesday, August 23, 2016

WEDDING SINGER LANDING..........................

 Usual fog and morning drizzle
 that may lead to nice day for
 landing of Steve "I'll always run
 marathons!" Leeds! And sing.
 Today is 46th anniversary of
 Steve singing at my wedding!
 With Charlie around corner who
 was in the wedding party it will
 be time to party! Of course a
 shout out to Steffie, Steve's
 partner in life(not much different
 than a wife?) Here we are in San
 Francisco to reminiscence....

 Four decades have passed and
 Alice is still at war with one of
 two knuckleheads going through
 front door. Never ending war still
 going on between Alice's shores. 
 So many citizens living in world
 of ignore unless in Alaska to watch
 bald eagle soar.............

 Dark day at Saratoga and will pick 
 up tomorrow where I left off, winning!

  Barry McChangky       *&lt:-P party       QUACK! 

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