Wednesday, August 17, 2016


 Life is an ongoing day 
 to day world no matter
 where you stand. 
 Life is good, bad, grand.
 Has life turned out just
 as planned? Of others
 do you make demands?
 I'm just experiencing a
 disintegration of my clan.
 Some of us lived life with 
 real plan others just banged
 pots against pan. Some of us
 know who we are and are not.

 Trailer park life don't have any
 advantages and always there is
 someone wrapped in bandages.
 Stayed on other side of track and
 spent too much time at Love Shack!
 Don't need to be told to keep hands
 off my stack Jack! Gathering of clan
 may never happen again for too many
 of us will never look back...........

  Barry McChangky           *:( sad        QUACK!

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