Friday, August 19, 2016

WET DAMP FRIDAY....................

 Friday morning drizzle, fog
 and just totally nasty. Good
 day to stay home, again. It's
 very hard to be excited when
 sadness sets in, time to go
 for some real cheap gin. Buy
 quart for a fin. Was looking
 other way when I took real good
 one right on the chin. 

 Out in world of "war out there"
 is nothing new but more fear. 
 After millions of pictures who
 will cheer on those who may need
 to strike back at fear? How many
 here have lost someone there?
 Has it dawned on you about this 
 "war out there" no one cares?
 Chasing away anyone sane even
 Smokey the Bear! Spin around and
 see there is nothing about Hilary 
 to celebrate or cheer! Living life of
 ongoing fear! But tonight put it away
 and enjoy round of beer............

 Life is day to day and hope today is
 less sad than yesterday.............

   Barry McChangky         *:( sad         QUACK!

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