Wednesday, September 21, 2016

GOOD MORNING WORLD...............

 Glad to see you are here to
 greet me again today. Time
 to see what should I do with
 this wonderful day at home
 in San Francisco. So far today
 Belmont made me pay to play!
 Get out last double did not at
 all solve trouble of too many
 LOSERS! Turn the page and
 there is more races tomorrow?
 While I was at play "war out there"
 which is here to stay goes on. 
 War in Syria is like diphtheria.
 When trying to eradicate find
 there is still hysteria....... 
 There is no leadership in sight,
 only scavengers at site for bite.
 Never ending "wars out there"
 has lead to indifference. Syria
 has shown mankind to be like 
 on going diarrhea, you think it
 will never about
 collateral damage..........

 Today could be great day for this
 day dreaming "old" boy...oye veh!

  Barry McChangky       *~^o^~ cheer     QUACK!  

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