Wednesday, September 14, 2016

LIFE IN THE CITY......................

 Sun is shining on this city
 called San Francisco. All
 during night life on the go.
 Unlike New Yawk City that
 never sleeps and is town
 without pity. New world
 order has masses walking 
 around like Walter Mitty. 
 Future of "average worker"
 looking pretty shitty with no
 help on way from politicians. 
 Alice will look like under one
 or the other candidate. But if
 both fall down or refuse to 
 come out of corner for next
 round does election go on or
 is it round and round? Will
 Alice's credibility be sound?
 In many states can buy pot
 by the pound and  other states
 don't have enough food to go
 around. Can buy pet food in a
 bag with twenty five pounds.....

 Refugees from sub continent 
 are at Hungry's door and will
 not let through anymore. So
 many are stuck sleeping at
 The White Christian's door!
 Written in scrolls of The Bronx Tao,
 "there has always been and there
 will always be refugees as long as
man wants to be free........."

  Barry McChangky    *>:) devil  QUACK!

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