Tuesday, September 13, 2016

GREAT MORNING HERE.....................

 Beautiful morning for San Francisco
 on this quiet Tuesday. Morning news
 about Pants Suit Hilary's current ills.
 "I'm okay! It's only pneumonia!" 
 Out of closet will come The Donald's
 "doctor says I'm okay report!"
 Two knuckleheads fumbling on way
 to find how this election can be bought!

 News is quiet "here" about refugee 
 problem in Europe and homelessness
 only heard from in "special report."
 Football players are finding political
 power they forgot about while so busy
 adding up bonuses! Life moves on.

 Dark day at Belmont but may try Monti
 or Plainridge for a Merton on tap. Half
 mile racing has gotten bad rap for races
 that look like crap.................

  Barry McChangky           *:-O surprise        QUACK! 


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