Monday, September 12, 2016

FOUR P M AND STILL FOGGY................

 Another foggy wet day in
 San Francisco and me with
 no place to go. Dark today
 at Belmont and tomorrow too.
 What is a guy to do? Listen to
 politics of "the insane who don't
 know better to come out of rain!"
 Like Casey Jones better watch 
 their speed............

 Hilary did not "fall of wagon" but
 tripped on curb to be held up by
 private guard, "Big Herb!" May be
 "only" case of pneumonia. HEY!
 Will Pants Suit Hilary look glamorous
 in a komona? Maybe nickname like

 Trump is on the stump and no facts
 please. Paying for run at own hotels
 like any political sleaze. Will sue you
 if in his direction someone does sneeze
 Like Swiss cheese best part is holes...
 Hilary says half of Trump followers do
 not have souls and other half have tried
 walking on not mining coal...................
    Barry McChangky         *:(( crying       QUACK!       

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