Sunday, September 11, 2016

SUNDAY MORNING WITH..................

 Sunday morning with usual
 San Francisco dreary fog.
 Looking out feeling like I
 want to spend day sitting in
 a chair or on a log. Then there
 is pick 4's at Belmont. REALLY
 did a jam on bread spread in
 early pick 4. Follow me......
 2) 12356
 3) all    
 4) 5
 5) all
 investment of $62.50. 
 ROI (return on investment " 
 will this one!

 Have to deal with daily spider web
 being built in front window that is
 ALWAYS full of captured meals. 
 How does that little guy do it?

 Look to book for trip next week.
 Another fortune do I seek? My
 analyzing made need a tweek? 
 I'm as sharp as bald eagle's beak!
 Just hitting stride as I reach for a
 peak as I peak.................

  Barry McChangky       *B-) cool       QUACK!

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