Friday, September 16, 2016

LOOKING GOOD FRIDAY.......................

 Wonderful day here in my
 hometown of San Francisco.
 Up early and out on the go. 
 Bet pick 5 and had first winner
 like beginning by any good sinner. 
 Tonight going to have dinner with
 real winner, Ray O'Sunshine! Man
 that will never have target on back
 like a sign. Man knows his wine!

 Friday morning news was barely 
 a mystery without clues! Don't
 know for sure if that baby was in
 a real cry or singing the blues. 
 Teleprompter readers leave it up
 to audience to choose! Believe 
 that is called  interactive television!
 For those people without a vision........

 Pants Suit Hilary is like a plodder in
 mile and half race, going along at her
 very own pace and "hoping" to arrive
 on time to win. No matter how many
 times The Donald puts one on own 
 chin Pants Suit Hilary can not pull away!
 Wild Bill out there to sway but will only
 get in way. There is only one English term
 for this election, OYE VEH! If you have any
 self esteem stay away or vote for the 
 That way you don't  give positive reinforcement
 to negative behavior..........................

  Barry McChangky              *>:) devil                   QUACK!  

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