Saturday, September 17, 2016

SATURDAY MORNING AFTER.....................

 Nice sunny Saturday morning after
 night before with Ray O'Sunshine.
 Yes we re-released George Latour
 from captivity in a bottle. Just as
 Prince Albert was grateful upon
 release from can on drugstore shelf. 
 Bowl after bowl with great straight
 talk. No Bell Tower for us last night
 for Ray O'Sunshine needs to save
 up some strength and power. In fact
 just a fresh flower................

 Crawled up stairs from cab with no
 light left on by me. Hard to see. 
 Slept decent with baked goods and
 dinner digesting at same time. Nice.
 Busy betting pick 4's for today. As
 usual not easy day. Maybe speed on
 the turf will lead to dinner at Harris's
 of surf and turf.......

 Life is good except when looking at
 current state of politics. It is written 
 in The Bronx Tao that idea of innocent
 civilian is an oxy moran is bore out in
 elections of real poor selections. This
 is indicative of Alice's Audubon symbol
 the gray barnyard owl who has uncanny
 ability to turn head 360 degrees. Always
 ready and able to look other way...........

  Barry McChangky          *B-) cool        QUACK! 

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