Sunday, September 18, 2016

SUNDAY MORNING FUN.....................

 Great orange harvest moon
 last night that turned into a
 very interesting sight. Still
 out there in early light. Then
 on to coffee, fruit and most
 ridiculous. Sunday morning
 almost news shows against
 Sunday morning Ballywood!
 Ballywood puts "life" into a
 real respective. Yes I know
 it's all subjective and "we"
 are the ones subjected to it!
 If CBS had their way it would
 be "Pants Suit Hilary and the
 Donald do BALLYWOOD!"
 Right after Hilary sneaks all
 that dough out of Hollywood.

 Media caught up in themselves
 keeping "birthing" story about
 Obama-mama ALIVE just like
 Dr. Frankenstein's monster!
 Did North Korea get closer to
 ICBM capacity? Are 11, 000,000
 illegal aliens really only refugees?
 Twenty four/seven news cycle has
 lead media outlets to idiocy with
 attempts to fill all that time. Like
 "they" say it's your dime...........

 There are streets in downtown of
 major cities where luxury lives 
 along slime and no stop to crime. 
 Community growth needs help of
 those in their prime but all just put
 it off to another time. Like kicking
 can down road to put on someone
 later a heavier load. When did idea
 of being good citizen corrode? Are
 "we" as a people about to implode?
 If you like your "news" with some
 entertainment and social commentary 
 then turn channel to Ballywood!
 That there is reason to going hungry 
 rather than eat the cow is understood.

  Barry McChangky          *~^o^~ cheer      QUACK! 

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