Monday, September 19, 2016

THIS IS TOO TOO FUNNY....................

 Good morning out there
 in world of Alice getting
 ready to change guard at
 The Palace of Malice. In
 front of us three parties
 that are very callus. 

 The Dems headed by
 Pants Suit Hilary and all
 that secretive baggage.
 Although running against
 guy who takes swipes at
 himself Hilary baby can't
 pull ahead.

 GOP got slop in The Donald.
 Who did he dance with at the
 hop? Understand in junior
 high school failed shop....

 Then there is The Media Party.
 It is "they" who gave birth to
 The Birther Issue! Transparent
 as Dollar Store bathroom tissue!
 While world and small town Alice
 are living horrible life in strife and
 fear of driving under influence of
 every beer on way home to wife
 and kids with no new news when
 life will get better on the skids......
 I'm going east before arrival of well
 known winter beast. Looking to make
 my bankroll expand like yeast in bread
 where I learned "The Betting Spread."
 Put that Humis on the bread and spread!

  Barry McChangky          *~^o^~ cheer         QUACK!

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