Sunday, September 25, 2016

WHAT A GREAT DAY...........................

 Great afternoon for sitting
 outside of Bell Tower and
 watch wonderful ladies go
 by with glass of Tapestry
 in my hand. Street festival 
 with band would be grand.
 Got knocked early in first
 leg of early pick 4 but will
 be back for more......

 Sunday morning entertainment
 news is so soft had to switch
 over to Blues Chanel to get to
 feeling sad. POLITICS! POLITICS!
 Took Yogi's fork in road thinking
 "where do we belong?" Like Teflon
 John time comes to say so-long! 

 Media types that rise to top believe
 their own hype. Will be in our face
 until"they" are over ripe. Right in
 their face shows ownership of mass
 media disgrace. Making news only
 secondary to entertainment division
 leaves all in race for bottom place.....

 Alice will have an election, a winner
 and a sinner will still be a sinner......

  Barry McChangky         *>:) devil      QUACK!

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