Thursday, October 27, 2016

CREEPY THURSDAY.................

 Ugly sky not in short 
 supply, kind one looks
 at telling a lie. Feeling
 of dread in air mixed with
 dose of economic fear.
 Banks "too big to fail"
 are going to reappear
 in front of us with hat in
 hand. Will "ask" in form of
 "demand!" "Give it to us or
 moonscape will be newest
 feature across Alice's land!"
 Return of "good days for banks
 under Wild Bill Clinton and bud,
 Chucky boy Schumer!"

 Imagine world of no Clinton or
 Bush or that man standing not
 so alone Trump! Remake of movie
 coming about Pants Suit Hilary's 
 first attempt at facing congress. It
 will not make difference if she is 
 new president. That movie already
 had its run.............Alice's kids are
 about to get what they deserve for
 leaving it all in hands of politicians.
 Written in the Scrolls of the Bronx Tao,
 "When there are elections of very poor
 selections it will never lead to finding
 new directions............"

Barry McChangky          *~^o^~ cheer     QUACK!

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