Wednesday, October 26, 2016

WAY BACK WHEN......................

 Hooked up on social media
 with friend from way back
 when. Ran into each other
 and Charlie his brother when
 we were around ten. Already
 on street of the South Bronx
 at Fort Apache right on Hunts
 Point Avenue. Tommy Cancel.
 Spoke of those dead, alive and
 those now eligible for parole.
 Will get together next trip back
 east for me. 

 Betting pick 4's and alive in late
 pick 4 after two legs. Four by four
 in last two. Hit ten cent super in
 early race returning $135.00 for
 $2.40 super four horse box. Like
 it like bagel, cream cheese and lox.

 Belmont closing out for season and
 moving into Aqueduct. Have days of
 winners that are paying losers. Long
 winter ahead.......

   Barry McChangky         *&lt:-P party    QUACK! 

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