Monday, October 10, 2016

MONDAY MONDAY............................

 Beautiful morning in
 San Francisco. 
 Feeling life's flow.
 Like glow worm now
 metamorphosing into
 escaping firefly. Life is
 good and that for me is
 not a lie...........
 Morning after following
 debate night before. Did
 "they" or did "they" not
 turn Alice into raging whore?
 How can "we" not be angry
 and unsure after election of
 selection is about rejection?
 Election not far away.
 How does "I'll run away Bernie"
 feel today with following left with
 no place to go? You were right
 there and showed in end how
 much another politician who does
 not care. Go back to mountains and
 hang with Smokey the Bear...........

 Racing for Columbus Day on Monday!
 Still any more than shopping holiday?
 Gave world practical route for slave
 trade and return to Europe. Do you want
 to gather for bar b q? 

   Barry McChangky            *>:) devil          QUACK!


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