Saturday, October 8, 2016


 Beautiful Saturday in
 San Francisco. Good
 friend Amtrak John and
 wife here for visit. Will do
 The Bell Tower tonight for
 Tapestry, steak, Tapestry
 and rest of the meal. Not
 that food is "big deal" all
 in all fine place to dine and
 sip wine outside.........

 Hit early pick 4 and brought
 in superfecta at $197 for $.10!
 Four times at $2.40 a pop to
 make Return On Investment
 wonderful. Got busted in third 
 leg of late pick 5. Used 4 horses
 but could not reach............

 Hurricane in southeast turned
 out not to be great beast unless
 it landed on you. Infrastructure
 in land of Alice is not fit for any
 kind of palace. With election of
 poor selection all "the people"
 have to look forward to is lots
 more of rejection. Does anyone
 go and actually make inspection?
 Or does someone just write on wall,
 "Kilroy was here!" 

  Barry McChangky       *&lt:-P party     QUACK! 

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