Sunday, October 23, 2016

SUNDAY WITH MORE SUN..............

 Wonderful to be alive and go
 outside on Sunday. Watched
 Sunday news on shows that
 have made up their political
 mind. Donald not kind and
 Pants Suit Hilary can't make
 up mind. Only way to vote is
 to wear blindfold or be blind.
 As clock unwinds.........

 Oh Donald, 
 you are but a fool.
 Had this election
 but lost your cool!
 Oh Donald,
 is it really true,
 to women
 are less than true blue?
 Are you going to back out
 due to bad case of the flu?
 Never have found out
 if about world politics
 you have a clue! 
 Or like other historic tyrants
 The World is what you want
 to rule? Is your answer to 
 problems to add more fuel?

Hit and missing pick 4's but
 am staying just ahead of game
 Going back to Aqueduct soon
 and land of The Favorite. Where
 you win races and lose money.
 Not at all funny............

  Barry McChangky      *:(( crying       QUACK! 

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