Saturday, October 22, 2016

JUST HANGING................

 Beautiful Saturday morning for
 San Francisco and all points
 around the bay. Knee deep in
 pick 4's. First race winner $70
 for Barry because jockey has
 star of David on shirt back!
 Should have keyed him in pick 5!

 Steak and eggs for breakfast after
 diner at home with Chris. New York
 rib eye! Baked potato was right way
 to go. Just ordered Tapestry on sale!
 Just love that stuff........ Out in world
 of politics it's getting rough. Watched
 last debate with lots of puff! Silly silly

 Will check calendar for last week at
 Belmont and go back east for week.
 Winter beast will arrive in east due to
 fact that it is a SEASON! If you are a
 person of reason can you depend on
 getting reasonable answer from another
 reasonable person? NO! That is about

   Barry McChangky         *&lt:-P party        QUACK!

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