Friday, October 21, 2016

WHAT A GREAT DAY......................

 Friday arrives with nice chill
 in air, great sun and of course
 Kate and Mike. Breakfast on 
 twenty fourth at Delancy Street
 west. Not real name but had my
 lox, eggs and onion with bagel
 on the side. Order of challie(my
 spelling) French toast. So good.
 Then back to airport and Alaska.

 Conversation got around to oil
 politics of his home state and 
 state of oil economy is terrible. 
 Landscape of Alice's lower fifty
 has arrived in Alaska. Towns in
 need of something to keep them
 going while globalization keeps
 on burning, turning and churning
 Alice into wasteland of the rich.
 It's appropriate to say, "life's a bitch!"
 Halloween is coming with season of
 the witch and a winter to make many

   Barry McChangky        *>:) devil         QUACK!

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