Saturday, October 29, 2016


 Morning after night before
 on a Ray O'Sunshine night.
 Only food deliveryman in 
 sight delivering nice bite.
 First at bat was George LaToure
 followed to the plate by Tapestry!
 Great pot to hit the spot and we
 did a lot! 

 Knocked out of late pick 4 and I
 am out the door! Today won't bet
 anymore for seen lurking was
 The Losing Whore demanding
 "I want some more and the hell
 with Sir Thomas Moore!"

 Alice is coming up on going 
 straight to hell right after last
 round bell. Two knuckleheads
 from everyone's grace fell. Next
 generation will get to tell that no
 one answered last round bell.........
 It is not too late to reject poisonous
 Let world know Alice hasn't been shot!
 Her kids may deserve what they got
 and now voting on legal pot to remind
 "this generation" about to have and have
 not but will reply, "I just forgot........"

 Barry McChangky              *B-) cool      QUACK!   

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