Sunday, October 30, 2016

OH SUNDAY..........................

 Oh Sunday. 
 Morning sky made for
 those going into mourning.
 Black and grey clouds full
 of impending rain bringing
 election of horrible selection.
 Weather is horrible with winds
 blowing an anger across Alice.
 Obama-mama getting ready to
 surrender The Palace of Malice!

 Looking to election of rejection
 while Alice under world inspection.
 What is seen in media indication of
 collapse of democracies when put
 to "the test?" For sure "we" are not
 backing the best! Has it come to
 what is in your wallet and are you
 ready to invest? When was last time
 you proudly expanded your chest....

 Last day at Belmont and on to winter
 grounds at Aqueduct. Tough place to
 bet with so much chalk that can make
 me balk.............

   Barry McChangky        *:(( crying         QUACK!  

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