Monday, October 31, 2016

CHILLY MONDAY..............................

 Monday morning wet with chill.
 Like too much of any weather
 had about my fill. Into all of my
 non-smoking joints and brings
 discomfort but no real pain. 
 Yes, seventy is getting if not
 being there already old. Don't
 like cold getting old or having
 to go out and get bold! 

 War out there going on. 
 Refugees flowing on.
 Homelessness going on.
 Poverty going on.
 Politics going on and on and on.
 Won't miss a word even to go to
 the john? Have you figured out
 who's biggest con? 

 Prices in San Francisco are off
 the board and word is 3 tenths of
 one percent is inflationary cost. 
 That is for those of us RETIRED!
 No I was not FIRED! Nor do I want
 "to be retrained" to be hired............

  Barry McChangky          *>:) devil        QUACK!

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