Tuesday, November 1, 2016

IT WAS HALLOWEEN................

 Woke this morning it's
 November first, for life
 felt this great thirst. Got
 going with a burst and
 am happy to be alive!

 Yesterday was Halloween!
 Not time for playing game
 of mister in between! Did
 watch but not eat favorite
 to be favorite of your teen
 to take edge off of being so
 damn mean! So many kids
 of Alice leaving home palace
 already some sort of feign!

 World of politics really sucks!
 Can't give bum a dime in your
 prime for it takes five bucks!
 Season is coming for shooting
 bucks, turkeys and ducks. Kids
 say, "oh shucks!" There is Bambi
 on the plate...........

 Thanksgiving this month for those
 with something to be thankful for!
 How many homeless and hungry
 do "you" pass going out door?
 How many sleep on van floor?
 Do you get daily dose of war gore
 and ask for more...........good time
 to revisit Orwell and "war out there."

 No pick 4's for me today. Will bet
 best trainer at Monti not named 
 Merton but hiding behind curtain,
 Delores Basilone.............

   Barry McChangky     *:)) laughing       QUACK! 

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