Wednesday, November 2, 2016

FINE DAY AT MONTI........................

 Beautiful day here in
 San Francisco and is
 looking good at Monti.
 Hit Alan's best horse in
 his one horse stable with
 exacta. Hit last pick 3 and
 all in all one good day. It's
 always good making track 
 pay. Tomorrow another day.

 Election of rejection that 
 knuckleheads say all must vote!
 Sure! Want everyone in same boat!
 This is one boat that can't float!
 Only VOTER to be goat! Will need to
 surround Alice's palace with a moat!
 Seen leaving town Smokey the Bear
 wearing brand new winter coat! Yes,
 everywhere outsiders gloat that Alice
 is becoming nation of the tote! BET
 Line from 2016 Voter's Blues!

 War out there not getting closer to us
 or closer to being done. War mongers
 idea of daily fun while enjoying Alice's
 PORK on a bun. Buy them a bomb.
 Buy them a gun. "Well trained" army
 meets enemy and turns and runs..........
 World has food shortage but pets will
 continue to eat good. Outcry over any
 animals not well cared for by people
 that step over homeless to get at media
 mike. Oil companies cutting back doing
 maintenance on oil carrying pipes that
 leak and drive up price of oil. I believe
 those should be sent back to The Moil!

  Barry McChangky             *>:) devil        QUACK!

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