Tuesday, October 4, 2016

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO....................

 Whatever happened to the
 Art of Being Straight Forward?
 Day begins with teleprompter 
 readers reading around issues.
 World news and local weather
 presented like bacon and eggs
 at your local diner. Then there
 is "the social commentator" 
 who may not drink wine but for
 sure is great whiner. 

 Political debates presented in form
 of super bowl intermission with
 all being sold under suspicion! To
 get into your wallet is their mission.
 Reality check is that "baby boomers"
 don't want change from fear of losing
 what they got. No camera going to 
 put "them" on the spot. Don't know for
 sure which candidate will not let middle
 class rot. Globalization has answered
 by saying "middle class is shot..."

 Late night talk shows get laughs at
 everyday struggles of "the people."
 Power of shows goes long way in
 disseminating "almost right information."
 How wide is "your" frame of reference
 that "you" are not fooled, again?

 It is written in The Bronx Tao that when
 one is not straight forward beginning of
 interaction was a lie.......

  Barry McChangky           *&lt:-P party    QUACK!  

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