Wednesday, October 5, 2016

WINNERS THAT ARE LOSERS...................

 When is a winner a loser?
 When Return On Investment
 is less than invested. People
 do that on Wall Street daily
 but was not intention. Chalk!

 Watched Vice Prez debate
 last night with Chinese take
 out delivered, bottle of Tapestry,
 couple of bong bowls. To say the
 least it was hilarious. Makes you
 want to wish long lives for Hilary
 and The Donald. Makes you want
 to sing childhood song, "Old
 McDonald had a farm....." Reminds
 me of Orwell's Animal Farm. NOW
 it is not commissars but same old
 mental anguish and physical harm.
 There is no charm on Maggie's farm.

 Alice is going down the road but
 can't loosen her load because she
 Willing taxpayers hard to find!
 Some willing to be kind to the blind!
 If you believe in destiny then your
 ending has been signed............

   Barry McChangky         *>:) devil      QUACK!   

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