Sunday, November 13, 2016

BEAT GOES ON.....................

 Sunday morning pundits
 turned on their heads.
 Pre-election coverage
 from under covers of
 their beds. CBS staff was
 seen heading north on sled.
 And the beat goes on,
 beat goes on.

 Trump tuned into Alice's pain.
 Many living out on the plains.
 He reached out without a shout
 and has world looking about.
 Alice is Alice and NOW "we" will
 see where is the clout. Election
 only warm up to championship
 bout and now The Trump Route!
 And the beat goes on,
 beat goes on.

 Now is time to move on, not reflect.
 All those virus's waiting to infect.
 Out in street to show you reject!
 Nation of laws turning into cold slaw!
 Will justice be sought even when it's
 IMPRACTICAL? Will news become
 factual or more speculation by those
 who only fly over nation?
 And the beat goes on,
 beat goes on.

 War still raging in Mesopotamia.
 So many partners of bad guys 
 so evil no need for disguise!
 Worldwide media supplying lies
 and "journalists" need not apply!
 Back slapping talking heads only
 among themselves rely.........
 And the beat goes on,
 beat goes on.
 Refugees, homeless or displaced
 show western civilization in disgrace.
 Thick layer of veneer on its face and
 have lawyer to explain every case. 
 Elections sold to "the party base"
 and money will always make the case.
 World is startled by electing the Donald
 and suddenly................
 The beat goes on,
 beat goes on...............

  Barry McChangky             *>:) devil       QUACK!    

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