Monday, November 14, 2016

MONDAY AND IT'S MONTI..............

 Heavy fog in morning 
 turning into chilly day
 with sun. Could go out
 for some fun. Got call
 last night from Alan who
 spotted live horse today.
 Horse was 20-1 at post
 and left for front from 
 seven. Luck had it that
 favorite left and broke.
 Garbinger gets front but
 favorite with The Bruce
 who don't need juice was
 coming again with favorite.
 Again horse breaks with
 Alan's pick appearing to 
 pull away! Then finish line
 in sight is run down.......
 Take picks like that everyday!

 Rest of nation on to things
 other than horse racing. Many
 are scared and bracing. Trump
 did an Orson Welles on people
 with campaign victory and have
 no idea what they are facing...........

 Reality of everyday life has not
 improved or removed possibility
 of national strife. Like song says,
 "their dancing in the streets!"
 High school kids see bleak future
 of periods of unemployment between
 reinventing self for next "career?" 
 To help those through more states
 legalizing pot and growth of homemade
 beer to bring into our lives daily cheer.
 Wall Streeters  already got share.........

 Had leftover General Tao's chicken with
 pepper cheese melted on top over some
 great bread. Never waste food is rule of
 this at times rude dude...........

   Barry McChangky             *B-) cool         QUACK!

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