Friday, November 18, 2016


 Cold morning in San Francisco
 with temps in low fifties. Sun is
 up and bright. Listening to pundits
 election is not over in broad day
 light. Now have erection over new
 prez to be's selection of insiders.
 Arm chair fighters who think coming
 out of darkness is flick of BIC lighter!

 Holiday season beginning to come
 alive especially for those that thrive.
 Baked Idaho potato with sour cream
 and chive. Cab driver gives high five
 for that extra $5. Even bees are busy
 in the hive. Is it alright to be just alive?
 Waiting for holidays to get call from
 the tribe...........

 Gloom has set in for backers of losers
 following election. Backed wrong horse
 and afraid can't find way around two turn
 coarse. Looking down road seeing only
 loss while slowing down from gathering
 moss. On your lips, "go to hell, boss!"
 Has your life turned into coin toss.........

 Here is inside secret from pick 4 man,
 Bet first time lasix ( L1) on two year old
 second or third time starters. Won't be 
 one bit sorry.

   Barry McChangky        *:-$ don't tell anyone shh!         QUACK!