Thursday, November 17, 2016

JUST ANOTHER DAY..................

 Thursday with sun and chill
 for San Francisco. How many
 counting days until Trump?
 Some will go sirloin to rump
 while few others will get up,
 look around and say, "here
 is just another day."

 Signs of many with plenty
 getting ready for Thanksgiving.
 Some looking in from outside
 at how others are living. Time
 that many "get into giving." 

 Talk! Talk! Talk! By talking heads
 on mainstream media trying to
 capture "moment of error" that
 would never be committed by
 Yogi Berra. Hide weakness of any
 insight by crying coming terror.
 Will "they" see that one coming?

 Lousy card at Aqueduct today
 and easy to look other way. Do
 need to find something to do with
 this very nice day.............

   Barry McChangky         *8-> day dreaming      QUACK! 

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