Wednesday, November 16, 2016

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON.............................

 Seems like just another
 Wednesday afternoon
 but there are those that
 say seen hovering around
 White House was a baboon! 
 Could it have been that very
 large close to earth moon 
 last night? Halloween is past
 but here we are struggling
 with aftermath. Will it wash
 off in once a week bath in
 dry area of southeast? Out
 there is more than just that
 east coast winter beast. BUT
 here comes thanksgiving and
 what is in your wallet that your
 thankful for? 

 Steady beat of the media drum
 telling us "they" are sorry for
 being so damn dumb! But go
 on feeding public any old crumb.
 Major stations have bent over all
 and told to be cheerful never glum!
 Act like all are your chum! Even tip
 bum a dime if you reach your prime!
 All in all just some slime...........

 Chilly but wonderfully sunny today
 in San Francisco. Like that first day
 one feels winter back east when chill
 of sunny day gets colder, colder.......

  Barry McChangky         *8-> day dreaming         QUACK! 

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