Wednesday, November 30, 2016


 Rain, fog and chill on menu
 today in San Francisco. Me?
 I have no place to go and will
 be at home picking pick 4's. 
 Rainy day Aqueduct with less
 scratches than one may think.
 No reason to take it to brink.
 Thinking of brink brings to 
 mind new prez, The Trump.
 With family being incorporated
 into federal government joke will
 be, "would you like one, two or
 three humps?" Yet to hear about
 Donald's economic pump...........

 Looking tired old guys in cabinet.
 Kind of cabinet using shelves. Will
 need something to prop up old guys.
 Some "we" already knows lies and
 at least one still on criminal probation.
 Couple known for economic instigation. 
 Are they for or against migration or
 immigration to our nation? What about
 home grown homeless? Of course now
 with so many legal pot states problems
 will "go up in smoke...........!" That my
 friends is no joke.........Battle cry from
 Trump's people is, "don't go for broke,
 take them until their broke,,,,,,,," Again,
 that was no joke............

 Time to watch opening act at Aqueduct!
 Looks like that actor, Slim Pickens......

  Barry McChangky              *B-) cool         QUACK!

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