Tuesday, November 29, 2016

SUNNY TUESDAY MORNING....................

 Great late morning warming
 up with lots of sun and news
 filled with killings by the gun. 
 Morning media treatment is
 that it's just another day with
 each horror scene made sure
 to be seen. What does it mean
 to be mean............

 Trump is empty on immigration,
 refugees and our home grown
 homeless. Oh to be helpless in
 world of Thanksgiving and side
 order of hopelessness. Is your
 community that much of a mess?
 About social problems that you
 deflect are ready to confess? Is
 "bless" just an adjective before

 World of entertainment doing well.
 Connection between movie making
 and Wall Street bell. What story does
 that tell or too busy on your cell?
 Remember when "cell" was coming
 together of subversive group.........
 When water cooler was center of
 office "union" activity?

 All channels are echoing one line,
 "Shop. shop and shop until you drop
 every damn dollar " I want to holler,
 "on your self put a collar!" Lesson of
 living on credit is a non credit course
 at your community college..............

  Barry McChangky          *~^o^~ cheer       QUACK!

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