Monday, December 19, 2016

50 YEARS LATER.........................

 Today looks to be one fine day.
 Fifty years ago today at Fort Dix
 I was discharged, honorably. I'm
 thrilled to still be standing even
 if it takes longer to get out of bed.
 Came home stranger to real strange
 world of who's side are you on......

 Have had my life with usual strife.
 Have wonderful "number one son"
 as Charlie Chan would say. All the
 way paid my own way with V.A. 
 So today a dark day for pick 4's
 I will bet 214 for separation papers
 received 50 years ago today. Don't
 delay, get up and go play and have
 nice breakfast or brunch. Yes I have
 hit the bong to sing my "I'm happy
 to be alive song!" 
 To Doctor Hanover, thank you for
 helping me get here...........

  Barry McChangky     *~^o^~ cheer *&lt:-P party     QUACK!

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