Tuesday, December 20, 2016

TUESDAY MORNING........................

 Another glorious sunny morning
 in San Francisco with winter chill.
 Kind of day that won't need to be
 started with mother's little helper
 pill. By now baby boomers must
 have had their fill. Get up and go
 to work to fill the till or do you 
 walk out into field to till? Farmer
 life is full of hard work and strife.

 Everybody seems to be getting
 uptight with coming of Trump.
 Wrong people in cabinet for there
 to be hope for worker and family.
 Cold winter ahead. Rebuilding of
 Alice's infrastructure is never....
 On campaign trail tall tail clever. 
 Stocks on Wall Street  doing very
 well with anticipation of major
 selloff coming. Profits baby profits!
 Or profits for Wall Street Prophets!
 Like organized crime, it's their game!
 Look at daily worker as lame and in
 own life show no shame and kids are
 growing up to be the same. There is
 only one barrier, Baby Boomers ate
 the whole thing! Even took the bling.

 Fifty years today is effective date of
 my compensation from the V.A. All
 i have to say is thank you and please

  Barry McChangky         *>:) devil        QUACK!

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