Friday, December 30, 2016

FRIDAY ON NEW YEAR'S WEEKEND..................

 Day has begun with lots of 
 sun and chilly but will be 
 silly not to go out. So I did. 
 First I bet early pick three
 for one dollar three times to
 bring back $37.00 ROI on a
 $1.00 bet. Lost $24 on pick 4
 when running second in 3rd
 leg. Another small winning..

 Weather going east of west
 coast can boast of danger!
 Better not be stranger to mid
 winter road danger for you may
 not be lucky to be saved by a
 friendly ranger. Go by yourself
 and other lives not endanger......

 Not going to be blustery evening
 like in New Yawk but this year to
 be outside on New Year's Eve
 Barry will not balk! Bell Tower at
 11:00 pm entrance...........

  Barry McChangky      *:> smug       QUACK! 

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