Thursday, December 29, 2016

ME AND PICK 4'S ARE BACK........................

 Thursday in San Francisco
 came with sun and chill.
 For me to have first shot at
 New Yawk pick 4. Had to go
 out to shop but that did not
 stop me from betting pick 4.
 Raining at Aqueduct and is
 still snowing in Monticello.
 Bet $40.50 pick 4 and WON!
 Paid $63.62. ROI, return on
 investment whopping $23.12!
 Bet Gregg Merton on mount
 in eighth that won with a ROI
 of $29.00. Opening day of
 winter meet and looks good.....

 World politics out of control
 according to media talking heads.
 "In the box thinking about an out
 of the box politician" explains it all
 for me. Can't make it work way "they"
 want it to work. May have to leave
 studio and teleprompter screen.......

 New Years Eve is here and I'm 
 thinking of doing Bell Tower on that
 evening. Been a few years since I've 
 been out and about that night. 

 For those in New Yawk bet 533 for
 rest of the year..........

   Barry McChangky         *&lt:-P party    QUACK! 

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