Wednesday, December 28, 2016

ONE TRICK PONY STABLE...............

 Nice day in Monti for racing
 and beautiful chilly day for
 San Francisco. Tomorrow I
 go back to pick 4's so today
 turned on Racing from Monti.
 Picked it up after second race
 so sat back to watch double.
 World of Merton Racing on fire
 at Monti with quiet behind beard
 of Basilone/Merton! No one knows
 but there is One Trick Pony Stable
 owned and operated by guy who
 is not all that stable but very able.
 One Trick Pony Stable is not a fable!
 "The Prophet of Monticello" is behind
 picking one capable horse at a time!
 Winning without committing crime by
 horse going into prime. Second half
 of today's $22 double with first half
 trained by Basilone and driven by
 "Down the Road" Jimmy! Easy$

 Kerry made last of long breath speech
 endurance test. He may be right, we
 all may be wrong. Truth is here comes
 Trump and may be singing new song.
 Has own ideas where peoples belong.
 Stayed tuned............

 Received social security COLA of $1.00!
 Did not give San Francisco a holler! On
 our necks tighten collar! Oh well, life is
 living hell without count of ten your out
 bell. Like hermit crab find someone
 else's shell to live in..............

 Chris and rib eye steaks/baked potatoes
 on dinner menu. Need my strength to get
 back to pick 4's...........

  Barry McChangky              *:)) laughing      QUACK!  

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