Wednesday, December 7, 2016

HUNCHES IN BUNCHES..................

 COLD morning in town with
 temps down in 40's. Baby
 that's cold outside if living
 in San Francisco. Heat was 
 up all night and hot water was
 ready this morning. Today is
 Wednesday, pick 4 day. Great
 day for hunches so far.

 First race bet the five, a L1
 starter, That's first time lasix.
 Stops or slows bleeding in the
 throat. Also a lucky 5 horse. In
 third race on Day of Infamy is
 Alice's answer to Pearl Harbor,
 Battle Midway! $25.00 winner!
 Yes for this sinner! Another first
 time lasix in seventh race, 10.
 For the psychotic's out there in
 final race two horses sired by
 FREUD! Only hunches but in my
 life show up in bunches. See ya
 at Da Window..........

   Barry McChangky      *&lt:-P party       QUACK! 

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