Tuesday, December 6, 2016


 Sun trying to break on through
 while I'm thinking honey dew.
 Not really season but don't need
 reason to enjoy. Here comes one
 more season of the toy! Time for
 all to enjoy? Does advertising at
 all annoy? Can be Christmas or
 another season of the witch. Did
 you wish to have a twitch or been
 waiting for election of King Bitch?

 Media all over telephone call from
 place called Taiwan. Yeah mon!
 Taiwanese are not Chinese until
 China says so. They have said so!
 Where is Chang Ky Cheikter?

 New government in middle of this
 coming winter in nation appearing
 to be splintered. Phrase, "can't we
 all just get along?" needs to be
 found right, not wrong. However
 victory is sweet as winner wants to
 make it..................

 Dark day again at Aqueduct. Monday
 and Tuesday are high holy days of
 thoroughbred gambling. Go figure....

   Barry McChangky        *>:) devil       QUACK!

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