Monday, December 26, 2016

SUNNY AND COLD FOR.......................

 Monday morning with bright
 sun and chill that back east
 would be weather for outdoor
 feast but lookout baby here
 comes winter's beast. End of
 year in our face and what did
 you do this year that will be
 looked back as disgrace? 
 Have you been productive at
 good pace? Have you been
 stuck at home base? Do you
 see coming year with fear or
 year of opportunity? Will new
 prez make changes with impunity? 
 Will your five year old ask about

 Spring will bring triple crown races
 for thoroughbred horse racing. For
 today at Monti troting and pacing.
 First race to heavy fafavorite. What
 a surprise for me no prize!! 

 Outside is as nice a winter day one
 will get to enjoy. Big holiday weekend
 ahead for amateur party goers. I may
 go to Bell Tower to check out seen and
 while I'm there some Tapestry...........

  Barry McChangky            *&lt:-P party     QUACK! 

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