Tuesday, January 3, 2017

JUST ANOTHER RAINY DAY.....................

 Winter time in San Francisco
 means rain or drought. Now
 into lots of rain, snow up in
 mountains and rivers swelling.
 At own risk leave your dwelling.
 If in Syria/Iraq beware of shelling!
 At home in your face someone is
 yelling! HAPPY NEW YEARS! *&lt:-P party

 National mood like local weather,
 negative change may be behind
 rolling clouds. No matter where
 you are never again to feel safe
 while in crowd. Can you look in
 mirror and feel proud............
 Daily life is like well produced soap
 opera with every word and action
 worth $omething. and no one is to 
 be responsible........... 

Take out the garbage and trash,
don't be asking for any cash.
 Change clothes, mood and name
 when leaving home becoming
 The Night Time Flash! Turn your
 back, don't look back come home
 to mom and don't talk back! Lucky
 to be indoors living in shack....
 Here comes Donald and The Gops!
 Yes to break our chops. 
 Needs batting practice so expect
 some flops! Will "HE" help farmers
 to produce safer crops? 
 Should The Donald's newsest enterprise
 fail REMEMBER! This time "shareholders"
 are "us tax paying citizens............"

  Barry McChangky            *>:) devil           QUACK!

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