Monday, January 2, 2017

WHAT HAPPENS TO........................................

  On a blustery day in
 San Francisco and rain
 at Aqueduct on a muddy
 track is last day of meet.
 Will have more time and
 money to go eat red meat.
 Man who eats steaks out
 must know there is difference 
 between grill,whip marks and
 Karl Marx!
 So what happens to Keeper of
 the Scrolls of The Bronx Tao when
 there is a ceasefire in the action?
 Not thinking about any retraction.
 Look for way to get "your" reaction!
 Long morning of coffee, bong hits 
 and feeling of boredom. I don't know.
 Discovered going into fourth race 
 there is holiday racing! No black Monday!
 Will get in late pick 4 and a little more.....

 New prez out in world talking stuff! 
 Very rough and off the cuff. Media of
 course can't get enough. Time for prez
 to take out time in legal state for a PUFF!
 He will report, "enough is never enough!"
 Make believe it's Christmas coming and
 have visions of sugar plums dancing in
 your head and never wake up...........

   Barry McChangky            *8-> day dreaming          QUACK!

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