Sunday, January 1, 2017


 First day of year and first
 shot at pick 4 goes awry. 
 Yes i Will tell you why. I
 used only three horses in
 eigth race and late scratch
 at gate left me with two with
 one being favorite. I would
 have pick 4 twice if favorite
 wins and does. Then gets
 taken DOWN for interference
 at start of race. Oh well, going
 back to well can be well, tough!

 Sunny day with winter chill but
 beats temps east and up in hills. 
 Great if you like to ski. Not me. 
 Sunday morning talking heads
 still unable to come to grips with
 the coming of Trump. All seem to
 look at him as dumb hump who by
 the way fooled them all. Tough to
 live with while boss is down the the
 hall making call............

 May go north to Seattle to hang with
 my brother and bet pick 4's from there.

   Barry McChangky        *:(( crying      QUACK!  

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