Sunday, January 29, 2017

SUNDAY MORNING.............

 *:-/ confusedFor San Francisco beautiful
 but chilly morning. Watching
 Sunday Mourning News Shows
 things look bleak. Democracy
 has sprung a leak and worry is
 at a peak. Meek looking up at
 coming scavenger beak. Not a
 good time to be weak.............

 Already giving Alice good one
 right  up the rump. At this game
 there will be no ump! "He" always
 has hidden card to use as a trump!
 Be weary of calling "The Donald"
 a hump or on you will turn off "our"
 economic pump! If Democracy was
 baseball "we" are surly in a slump.....

 What about that nazi "he" put on
 National Security Council? Look at
 "The Donald's New Cabinet!" 
 Life has become an economic policy
 with the weak, meak and all others need
 not apply for there is nothing to seek.......

  Barry McChangky           *>:) devil            QUACK!

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