Sunday, January 29, 2017

THERE WILL BE NO MORE..............

 *:( sadWorld of Trump has arrived!
 Bringing along Orwellian world
 of 1984, life will be different for
 sure. There is something now
 coming at "us" that can't be at
 all ignored. Time to find out 
 When "they" come for neighbor
 will you just wish upon a star?
 Makes no difference who you are!
 Holocaust deniers out of closet!
 World of Trumps brings home
 those who have always been out
 in front leading, White Redneck
 Christians. Good old days of none
 other than Queen Victoria? Do you
 believe "it" can't happen in "your"

 The Media Party has made it easy
 with nonsense back slapping news
 teleprompter reading! All in same
 box pleading, "Peabody Award for
 Me!" There is "something" now all
 will hear, see and taste. Answer will
 be found in answer to great question,
 do you know who your neighbors are?
 Will "they" just look other way as they
 wish upon a star................

  Barry McChangky             *>:) devil        QUACK! 

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