Thursday, January 19, 2017

THREE PARTY SYSTEM IS HERE...................

 *>:) devilHave you noticed latest party
 to take front stage is Media Party.
 Power of way more than the press.
 Make horrible person look like not
 toooooo bad a mess. Gov. Perry to
 rule over agency he proclaimed is
 in way of every "growing business!"
 Tomorrow is day that all should "hope
 we don't live in  infamy!" What is in it
 for you and me may not be easy to see.
 Is it The Donald or Memorex? What is
 if any story by "British very undercover
 or under the covers agent" that Putin
 has "the goods" on The Donald's sex
 life...........stayed tuned.

 Million or two to be in Washington for
 big event and some protesting to halt 
 or prevent. Are good intentions meant?
 I understand American Indians have
 picked up "the scent" and it's not good.

 Only hours away...........
 Pick 4's I will play.........
 Go to Bell Tower to celebrate
 Donald's big day and get drunk enough
 to learn how to pray that "we" don't 
 become globalization's prey..............

  Barry McChangky               *~^o^~ cheer       QUACK!   

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