Friday, February 10, 2017

DENTIST DAY.....................

 *&lt:-P partyNice ride this morning from
 buddy Chris to V. A. by the
 ocean. Lots of morning fog
 thick enough to float log. 
 Now home writing blog. 
 Life is good.....

 Dentist was an American 
 Vietnamese with wonderful
 hands. Hardly knew she was
 in my mouth. First time since
 The Nam that a woman from
 Viet Nam got that close to me
 and I didn't flinch. Life is good.
 Don't report me to VA that I'm letter...

 Waiting for delivery of  diner
 from Ming's Cantonese. Ming's
 house special wonton soup.
 Shrimp Egg Foo Young with a
 sauce to die for! Chow mein
 that on east coast is lo mein.
 Go figure............

 No day is complete without 
 hearing from The Trump.
 Like in card game spades there
 is a trump that can trump this or
 trump that. Here a Trump! There 
 a Trump! everywhere a trump!
 Oh Alice is losing the farm!
 E I E I OH! In barnyard there are
 billionaires, millionaires and lots
 of want to be any kind of Aires!
 Line so long goes up and down
 stairs. E I E I OH!
 With give me a deal here.
 Get me a deal there.
 Making more money is
 all I care! E I E I OH!

 Barry McChangky        *B-) cool       QUACK! 

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